6 July 2020
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Leaders of the region are concerened about US act against IRGC

Ambassador Baeidinejad: U.S. alligation about a relation between IRGC and Al qaeda is very old and completely baseless

IRGC shoyuld be rewarded for its role in fogthing terrorism

Hamis Baeidinejad, Iranian Ambassador in London in an interview with CNN rejected claims by US officials about relation between IRGC (Islamic Revolutuion Gurad Corps) and Al Qaeda as old and baseless.

He mentioned that IRGC has played a great role in fighting ISIS and terrorism in Iraq and Syrian and thus should be rewarded for its participation in regional peace and security, not desiginated by the US administration.

He called the US designation of IRGC as terrorist organisation mere election gift to Israli priminister Netanyahu a night before his election, without considering consequences of such unprecedented, wrong and illegal decision, including the concenrs of regional countries or even US army.  

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