6 July 2020
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Iran Ambassador in London: New U.S. sanctions policy has failed

Iran Ambassador in London: New U.S. sanctions policy has failed

Iran Ambassador in London: New U.S. sanctions policy has failed

Mr. Hamid Baeidinejad, Ambassador of I. R. of Iran in London in an interview with CNN said that the US has failed to rally the world community behind its new sanctions against Iran, and that the Islamic Republic possesses “enough leverage” to keep its oil sales going despite US attempts to reduce them to “zero.”

“We know that, in fact, the difference, this time, is that countries are not ready to comply with the United States’ request. So, we have enough leverage to continue our exports,” he added.

He also pointed to the failed psychological pressure that Washington has been exerting on the Iranian nation parallel to its sanctions policy. “The importance here is the psychological impacts rather than very practical [effects] on the ground. So, they started a kind of psychological warfare to frighten our people and to sabotage our economy, but gradually we were able to find ways and means which guarantee we can continue to export oil,” the ambassador noted.

Baeidinejad said the conditions set by the US for Iran so that Washington would stop pressuring Tehran were “all alligations and impossible to meet.” 

In response to a question about the killing of Saudi Journalist, Jamal Ghashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, and the claims that the western presssuer on Saudi Arbai after this killing may benefit Iran, Baeidinejad said: “The benefit that we can get from this new situation is that the West understands better that, in fact, there is no possibility that the policy of coercion and intimidation by Saudi Arabia would be successful in the region."

“If now, the West, the United States and its European partners, would understand that this policy has a quite devastating impact on the security of the region and try to see what they can do to redress the situation, that could be the benefit that we can get, all of us,” he added.

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